All is Calm

Limited Edition: 250
Acrylic Recess Mount, Ready to Hang

Location: Tampa, Florida, United States of America

There are perfect summer days, and then there are those days where you just happen to look out and sigh with the magic of it all.
I'd been scouting for new locations for a week, and on the second last day I was there, I came across this beautiful scene on the way to a completely different location.
Look at those clouds. Such an amazing view. So glad I caught it.
 - Michael Pearson-Adams

Every Single Print Release is checked by Michael

Michael and his team of art consultants have one goal; to make sure the final art print you receive is of the highest quality in every sense.

Each piece is checked by staff, and then checked one final time by Michael, the artist. He then signs each piece, and in the case of artist proofs, will write a personal note to the collector as well.