Antelope Glimpses

Extreme Limited Edition: 12
Artist Proofs: 4
Acrylic Recess Mount, Ready to Hang

Location: Page, Arizona USA

I've shot in the slot canyons of North America a few times over the years. Mother Nature really shines down in the depths of these canyons. The colours, the light and shade combinations, and the flow of the rock are all magical to behold.

I have a few select prints that I limit the ownership of in a very extreme way. I do this because I feel the shot, the time it took me to capture it, the emotion and the travel and work that went into these specific ones is worth treating them like gemstones. Rare, stunning to look at, and magical from every angle.

This is one of those times. I will only sell 12 of this print, then 4 Artist Proofs. The Artist Proofs will only be sold to existing collectors of my work, which makes sure they are even more limited.


Every Single Print Release is checked by Michael

Michael and his team of art consultants have one goal; to make sure the final art print you receive is of the highest quality in every sense.

Each piece is checked by staff, and then checked one final time by Michael, the artist. He then signs each piece, and in the case of artist proofs, will write a personal note to the collector as well.