Midnight Escape

Limited Edition: 120

Location: Lake Cootharaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia


Note from Artist:
I had been scouting the inland lakes of Queensland's Sunshine Coast on and off for about three weeks. Early mornings, late nights, trying to find something that touched me. I usually have a vision in my mind's eye that guides me towards the end result, but in this situation, nothing was talking to me at all. It gets very frustrating when you have limited time scouting and shooting in one area before you have to move on when you know that you might walk away without a shot at all.

A friend of mine who I had not seen in years and knew I was back in Australia invited me for a catch up at his campground, which happened to be on the edge of Lake Cootharaba and the catch up went late into the night. As I was about to get up and leave, I started out towards the lake and I knew I'd found my shot. I am so lucky that I had my gear with me that magical night. I truly hope you enjoy this site as much as I did and still do today. Images are memories for me, and this one a great one!
 - Michael Pearson-Adams, Fine Art Photographer

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